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"About me"?...Hmm, how shall I begin?...Well, my real name is Nicole but you may refer to me by my user name, Locixen, if you like. If not that, then any variation may do as well. :)

As for my personality, basically, I'm a boring person D:. To elaborate, I'm quiet, a bit of an anti-social (I say so because this isn't entirely true; I do like the company of others. It's only because I also want some "by myself" time every now and again.), self-conscious and introverted. But, believe me, I used to be worse; before I began my first job, I was hopeless around people because I was so shy and non-talkative. Although I still have difficulty to speak and express myself (especially to people I have never met before), I do feel as though I have made some progress to become .

I also have the tendency to ramble. A lot.

My close relatives are my mum, dad (of course) and three older brothers. I have a large family; all of whom do not live in only one location of the country in which we reside in: Australia. The main portion of my family live in Adelaide, South Australia (where I was born) but a few of my family has moved to Victoria or, in my eldest brother's case, New South Wales. I guess the main reason for this may be to get away from all the drama that occurs with my family back in Adelaide (You might as well say that my family are the cast of a soap opera and although that sounds like an exaggeration to you , trust me, that was only an understatement). As for my mum and I, we currently reside in a town out in the country side of Western Australia.

For a long time now, since probably grade 1 or 2, art has been my passion and I strive to have a career that involves this interest. I also have a more recent interest in computing and multimedia and I have considered in becoming a multimedia developer or web designer.

There are two things that I am most certainly interested in at the moment; so interested that I have, in fact, became obsessed. They are the band: Muse and the anime and manga: Fullmetal Alchemist (and most especially the manga! 8D).

...And I guess that's all I have to say for now.

Thank you for visiting my profile and journal! Have a nice day!~<3